Kathryn R. Burke

You Tube & Video

Creative Video Maintains Customer Interest
Pay-per-view Video generates Income

Why a YouTube channel? It’s another way to direct people to a relative landing page with a Call to Action. Watch this, learn this, do this and… buy a product or service or donate money. To set this up usually requires teamwork – design director, videographer, video editor, script writer, copywriter, interviewer, music, and more. Where do you find someone who can direct this team (and do most of the work as well?)  You contact me!

Here is an example of a YouTube channel (page) I designed and some of the videos I directed or made for that page. The purpose of this page is to gain Subscribers, which in turn increases the audience for this client. In most cases, videos lead to a landing page. We have also used this channel for a live concert with a Donate button. And will soon be using it as a platform for pay-per-view art classes.