Kathryn R. Burke

Web Design

I still do it, but on a very limited, very high-end basis for complex sites and mostly for existing clients. We are not accepting any new clients for web design or hosting.

Awesome, Amazing, Websites
for Creative, Innovative People and Interesting Places

Creating and maintaining websites is by far the most complex mind-map on this site. Why? Because it is the most complex thing I do. A lot of skill and experience is required. Technology changes so rapidly what was new yesterday is obsolete today. Despite all the do-it-yourself programs on the Internet—and I promise you, I would never use one of those!—the only way to stand out from the crowd is a custom-designed website by someone who knows how to do do it. And, that would be me! 

A solid example of why I really love what I do!  (Click on the picture below.). Working with this client is so much fun. From this site you can take a tour, rent a Jeep or ATV, and experience some of the world’s most magnificent scenery.