Kathryn R. Burke

Web Design

Awesome, Amazing, Affordable Websites
for Creative, Innovative People and Interesting Places

Creating and maintaining websites is by far the most complex mind-map on this site. Why? Because it is the most complex thing I do. A lot of skill and experience is required. Technology changes so rapidly what was new yesterday is obsolete today. Despite all the do-it-yourself programs on the Internet—and I promise you, I would never use one of those!—the only way to stand out from the crowd is a custom-designed website by someone who knows how to do do it. And, that would be me!

A solid example of why I really love what I do!  (Click on the picture below.). Working with this client is so much fun. From this site you can take a tour, rent a Jeep or ATV, and experience some of the world’s most magnificent scenery.