Kathryn R. Burke

Interviews and Biographical Stories

“I’ve met a lot of fascinating people traveling the editorial road. Some of my favorite interviews were with women who had unusual jobs and backgrounds and men who worked in tourist railroading, a true niche occupation. A life-long interest in the arts has also placed me on an ongoing trail of artistic endeavors. And, of course, my work in photo-journalism and as a publisher has sent me far and wide in search of a good story. Here, I share a few of my interviews.”  ~ Kate Burke

RR Engineer, Mike NicholsMike Nichols. steam locomotive engineer

RR Engineer, Mike Nichols, is living a dream he didn’t even think was attainable. “I was eight years old when steam disappeared from the main line in this country,” he said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to become a steam locomotive engineer.”  [But he did!  Read story.]