Kathryn R. Burke


25+ Years of Print and Web Publishing

We began with the Sneffles Territorial Tribune, over 25 years ago. That became the San Juan Silver Stage, a monthly then bi-monthly newspaper. When it grew to 3 sections and 60+pages, we sent to a ‘slick’ magazine, published seasonally. Next came San Juan Lifestyles, then  Silverton Magazine and Ouray County Magazine. Railroad magazines followed: Durango Silverton All Aboard, Royal Gorge Magazine, Verde Valley Magazine. Along the way there were numerous subject-specific magazines and newsprint publications promoting arts, food, Indian Arts & Crafts, and more. Somewhere in there, we started publishing books, too. Which led to CDs then DVDs to enclose, and I wound up producer on one of them. And all of those magazines had online versions and websites as well as print publications.

Lots of work. Got to visit some very interesting places and meet a lot of really great people.

Total Multi-media Package. Example.

Presentation Portfolios

Social Media Campaigns.
Example. High traffic FB page used to promote events & education.
Example.  This FB page links to other platforms.

Print Magazines

Visitor Guides and Location-specific Publications

Web Magazines After 25 years in print, we have morphed into an online magazine.

Print Books

Websites promoting books.  Example – uses multiple social media platforms to drive people to landing page. This book is on 4th publication and is now part of a TV series.