Kathryn R. Burke


I am a writer. Also an artist (and now, graphic designer). Not sure which came first. Both date back as far as I can remember. [Story here]. But writing about somebody, something, some place —whether it be to tell a story or help promote one of those ‘somes’ has been a lifelong adventure, and I’m still going strong down that Writer’s Road. Here are links to some of my most recent written endeavors.

Feature Articles


– Narrow Gauge Railroads
 – Railroads, Uncompahgre Valley
– Hard Rock Mining and NG Railroads
– History of Ouray
– Western Movies made in SW Colorado
– Old Tyme Recreation, SW Colorado
– Saloons and Shady Ladies, SW Colorado
– Colorado’s Historic Opera Houses

– Alaska
Utah’s Parks & Monuments


Art & Cultural articles & video

Good writing leads to good business. Writing is the backbone of marketing. Spoken, written, heard, or viewed, tweeted or texted or posted, the written word is how you tell your story, “get the word out.”

Good writing is the green light that signals, ‘Come on ahead,’ meet me and learn about what I do and how what I do will benefit you. (Or, just come on ahead and read the stuff I wrote…could be about you!)