Kate Burke’s Western History Series

A little fact, a little fiction, told as ‘her’story

* Keynote Speaker


Gamblers & Good Time Girls – next, Nov. 13, 2022

Little Bighorn, Contested Ground – next, Jan. 23, 2023

History of Chocolate-America’s Favorite Treat – Feb. 14, 2023

Utah’s Colorful Parks – next, March 13, 2023

November 14. 2022

January 23, 2023

History in the American West

Talks are 30-40 minutes with 5-10-minute introduction and 15-30 minutes Q&A time afterward. Presentations include Power Point, sometimes video Internet Youtube or weblinks. Related handouts. Presentations must be scheduled at least 30 days in advance, and I do charge a speakers fee.

Mountain Town Saloons & Shady Ladies 

Gamblers & Good Time Girls 

San Juan’s Mining and NGRR History.

History of Ouray 

Tales of the Bachelor Mine (Ouray)

History of Silverton

Swanee’s Silverton

History of the Mountain West

Historic Opera Houses 

Little Bighorn, Contested Ground

Custer’s Indian Fights and The Little Bighorn Battle

Crusaders for Wildlife

Native American History Through Art & Artifacts. 

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Historical Railroads

San Juan Mountains Mining & NG RR History. 

San Juan Mountains Mining & NG RR History. 

Narrow Gauge Railroads of SW Colorado.

San Juan Railroad History

All Aboard! Durango & Silverton Railroad

Movies Made involving Western Colorado Narrow Gauge Railroads.


Valentine History: Casanova, Cupid. Chocolate.

Peace Parks in Africa

Travel Talks

Utah’s Colorful Parks

Alaska from the Inland Passage.