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FEATURE ARTICLES introduce you to a person, place, subject or topic. Usually, they provide some background and research (corroboration) and share interesting facts— some new, some provocative, some curious. A good article sparks your interest and leaves you wanting to know more.  Scroll down for some of my favorite examples, or click on one of the posted articles you see listed on the sidebar (which is below the examples if you’re viewing this with a smart phone).

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Montrose Community Connection
Buy Local, Shop Local, Support Your Business Community

[July 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage] Local business owners have taken a big gamble to follow a dream (or maintain a family enterprise) by owning and operating a business here. They depend on you—someone who lives and works here or in a nearby community—to support them and, thereby consequently, Montrose, with your patronage. [story]

Ridgway Farmers MarketFarm to Table

[July 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage] Healthy alternatives. No GMO. No MSG. No hormones. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Sugar-free. Locally-sourced. Grass-fed. Organic. Colorado grown. Sound familiar? In SW Colorado—anywhere, really—healthy eating is becoming a popular pastime. Thank goodness. [Story]

Uncompahgre RiverWay Trail — Montrose to OurayUncompahgre RiverWay Trail — Montrose to Ouray

[July 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage] The Uncompahgre RiverWay Trail  will eventually link Delta with Ouray, creating a 65-mile route along the Uncompahgre River in southwestern Colorado, open to bikers, hikers, everyday walkers, and—in some places, dogs and horses. [Story]

Enchanted gardenEnchanted Gardens

[July 2019. San Juan Silver Stage] Three enchanted gardens in Ouray and Montrose counties provide relaxing time in quiet spaces and special places that offer peace and tranquility. Where you can just sit and listen to the quiet and smell the air.. [Story]

Follow the Water. Resource-responsible Development, from the ‘outside-in”

[July 2019. San Juan Silver Stage.] Two different men, actor Dennis Weaver and entrepreneur David Dragoo, half a century apart, yet both with a common vision: benevolent use of our natural resources for building healthy communities. . [Story]

Life Lessons from the Horse Lady

[June 2014, Montrose Monitor] In every community – especially the smaller ones like we have in western Colorado – there are usually a few individuals who are truly unique. Not peculiar, not eccentric, but extraordinary, an absolute one-of-a-kind. In our community, Alice Billings certainly fits that description. [Story]

Sandy Head and Sheree FredeLet’s go shopping NOW!

The battle cry is quintessential woman, and the activity itself a universal panacea that knows no geographical or economic boundaries. Doesn’t matter when or where. Doesn’t matter why. No excuses needed. (Just ask any husband!). [Story]

classic car Chevy1955Classic Cars

Eat your heart out, Peggy Sue! Today’s muscle car ride is as good as it ever gets…or got. And cruisin’ is still a favorite Friday night activity. Rolling along with the top down and the radio up, you may recognize some of your old friends behind the wheels of these well-loved and lovingly preserved (now) classic cars. [Story]

wine and food paringWine & Dine

It’s not rocket science—the pairing of food and wine. It’s more a matter of what tastes, smells, and looks good and what goes down well with it. If you like to eat it or drink it, go for it, and don’t worry about getting the combination right. [Story]
This story is also a prime example of the relationship between editorial and advertising, and between marketing and event planning. There is a strong symbiotic relationship between them all.

Tommy Jackson turquoise and silver braceletCowgirls and Indians
It’s all about jewlery

Whenever, wherever, and however you wear it, Indian jewelry is just so much fun! And, it’s so much a part of our geologic and cultural western heritage. After all, it’s the down-to-earth part of where we live: rock and metal. You can’t get much more basic than that. [Story]

MEDC Russell Stover Candies

“When Russell Stover Candies came to Montrose in 1976, it marked the dawning of a new era,” said MEDC Executive Director, Sandy Head. “Providing a second income for farm families, the successful establishment of the candy company proved to the community that Montrose could be home to a large manufacturer. [Story]

MEDC Aerospace & Aviation

In 1993, Al Head, and David Leis came together along with two additional partners to create a piston aircraft engine shop—Western Skyways. They wound up knocking on MEDC’s door. . . and soon were the second tenant in the Aerospace Research Park. [Story]