Kathryn R Burke

an entrepreneurial Renaissance woman

Kathryn R BurkeKathryn R. Burke (Kate), is the now the Assistant Executive Director of the Museum of the Mountain West and heavily involved in the SW Colorado Community. She is also the semi-retired owner of San Juan Publishing Group, Inc. (SJPG) “With more than 25 years as a successful business owner and board member of many non-profit organizations, I understand today’s socio-economic business environment and how to employ digital marketing solutions for forward-thinking businesses and fund-seeking non-profits. My Internet marketing skill set includes social media, website design, web maintenance and hosting, and outstanding online advertising design and placement.”

Public Presentations and Event Planning are also an important component of Kate’s impressive repertoire, and she still actively engaged in both. Click here for list of appearances and presentations.

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Kate has been involved in creative endeavors all her life, writing and making art from her early school years. She has an impressive record of publishing outstanding print publications (exceeding over a million dollars a year in sales), and a long-standing reputation for highly successful web presentations. Kate writes articles for her own and other publications. Her focus is history, arts, and caregiving.

Innate creativity, proven business acumen, and mastery of digital communication make Kate an expert at marketing in today’s online world. She will help you identify your target market and capture it, by promoting you and your business to your best advantage.

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“Staying on top of your market is hard work. Usually it’s a very positive experience, although sometimes you end up working with difficult or disappointing clients—I’ve certainly had my share of them; everyone has. But, in the end, what I do is extremely rewarding.  When it looks like it won’t be, I’ve learned to just say, ‘No.’ My advice? Never take on a client or a project just for the money. Do it because you like and believe in them. To be able to really help someone, it has to come from the heart. I’ve met and worked with so many fascinating people and helped them achieve some amazing successes.”

“This is my passion. I love what I do. I love working with people, helping them discover their passion, find and own their own successes, and maintain the enthusiasm to carry it forward.”

A successful entrepreneur, Kate has been doing just that throughout her career, working with clients from a wide global customer base, helping them with advertising, public relations, event planning, and fund-raising. In building her own business, Kate has extensive experience with photojournalism, publishing, graphic and web design. Not surprisingly, she is also an accomplished public speaker and successful author. She strives to be a good example of how to succeed.

“If you’re going to show other people how to ‘put themselves out there,’ sometimes, you’ve got to demonstrate how to do it. ‘Watch me,’ I tell them. You can’t always just tell people how to do something, often you have to show them as well. So (even when it  requires some serious self-starting), I get out there and do it. Then (hopefully) they jump on board and join me for the ride. In the end, it’s always a great ride. That’s what marketing (and fund-raising) is really about—helping people enjoy the ride and feel good about it.”

Kate holds a BA in Art and Social Sciences and has completed graduate work in marketing and economics. She is an educator’ earning tenure as a high school teacher, and later a college professor. She taught art and design in the US and Spain.

Kate has also hosted her own radio show, the first time in high school, most recently, Focus on the Arts for public radio, promoting the visual and performing arts. She has also been a guest on other radio shows. She is an artist and a former gallery owner (in California). Currently she serves as the Vice President of the Montrose Center for the Arts and [past-president) and marketing maven for the Montrose Women’s Club. She is employed as the Asst. Executive Director of the Museum of the Mountain West, where she helps plan and promote events and partnering with other community organizations.

“I’m all about community and creativity!” Helping our local art center and historical museum is a true inspiration and a great meeting place for organizational activities”

Post-graduate work in business administration and marketing enabled Kate to establish and maintain successful ventures in California (where, working with the SBA, she helped start-up companies obtain capital and set up management teams and develop marketing plans). After moving to Colorado, Kate worked with several other publications before establishing he own (SJPG) which, at one time, maintained offices in three locations and concurrently published six magazines with annual sales exceeding a million dollars a year. Kate’s early experiences in education have led her to work with local schools through a special program to help students with learning disabilities gain knowledge and expertise in graphic and web design.

Kathryn R Burke's marketing tools

Today, working with the museum and a few long-term, established clients, both domestically and internationally, Kate focuses on Internet communications and a strong web presence in today’s fast-paced digital world.

“Experience really counts. Marketing isn’t something you learn in a classroom. You learn it by doing it, by living it. And by who you know! It’s all about contacts and reputation.”

“I use all the tools in my considerable tool bucket to help my clients visualize, develop, implement, and maintain successful marketing programs. I work hard to help people set achievable goals and realize their dreams through creative marketing strategies and successful business development.”

Burke is also the author several books, including several on business systems which are printed in multiple languages. Her most recent books discuss caregiving (from many years of direct experience); she still presents on the topic. See her FB page: The Caregiver’s Journey.

Following her husband’s passing, Kate cranked up SJPG large scale publishing again, printing the San Juan Silver Stage (which she began in 1996.) The Stage was already up to 60 pages, printing 5,000 copies per month. “It didn’t take long to climb back into that saddle again,” she says. Then Covid hit. The Silver Stage had to stop printing, because everyone was closed, some permanently, others vastly changed. Distributing print was difficult. Our last online issue is the 2021 December Holiday. After that, the Stage rode off into the sunset, leaving an archival version online so people can still access the outstanding editorial content.

In her spare time, Kate also enjoys traveling (curtailed now, do to Covid), athletic activities (especially outdoors), listening to music, organic cooking, and reading. (“Only fiction, I write non-fiction all day long!”) And spending time at home with her cat. She lives in Western Colorado.