Kathryn R. Burke


Like web design, I still do this, but on a very, limited, very high-end basis. Mostly for existing clients.

Masterful Marketing Services

My services, through my parent company, San Juan Publishing Group, Inc, include
Business Planning
Marketing & Business Development
Website Design and Content Management
Social Media Management
Imaging & Branding
Target Marketing
Print, Broadcast, Internet Marketing
Interactive Internet Presentations

There’s more. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

Target Marketing

I will help you set measurable goals and build a Marketing Plan to meet them. Working together, we research your market (and your competition), identify and define your preferred client or customer (your Target Market), and determine the best ways to reach them —without being annoying about it. San Juan Publishing helps you find the secret to your own success and guides you through the steps to accomplish your goals.

Business Development and Market Awareness

Working with me through San Juan Publishing, we will create Multi-media, custom-designed packages to attract and engage existing and prospective clients and customers.
Branding. Business identity that makes you unique and shares your story.
Internet marketing.
 Website design, hosting and Social Media management.
Print presentations. Branding, business identity, marketing tools and materials including business cards, brochures, rack cards, signs, banners.
Video. Internet marketing, public presentations, TV.
Public Presentations. PowerPoint or combined media on-screen presentations, coaching and follow-up critiquing.
Event Management. Planning, budgeting scheduling (venue, speaker, food & beverage, staffing, media requirements, etc.), preparation (presentations, print material, etc), implementation.
Specialty promotional and marketing items like calendars, pens, clothing, post cards, holiday cards, invitations.
Public Relations & Promotion. Write and place editorial, with photographs, in print and online publications. Schedule broadcast, with you or who you choose as the presenter.

Social Media Marketing (SM)

Learn how to use digital technology to improve sales performance and market your product or service.

The world is online, and although you probably are, too, how deeply have you delved into internet communication and marketing?  Do you know what you’re doing and how Social Media is supposed to be helping you?  No matter where you are—from “I don’t use it” to I’m an expert”—I can help you learn how to master and perfect social media marketing. Click HERE to learn more.