Connie Hunt

Connie Hunt, Ouray County Administrator

By Kathryn R. Burke

A Balancing Act.  [Ouray Colo., April 21. 2015] Connie Hunt comes from a family of eight, so learning to balance people, tasks, and time comes naturally. And with a background of nine years in banking, 25 consecutive years in county administration, and a masters degree in public administration, Hunt understands how to balance people and politics.

When you work for a small county, like Ouray, you wear a lot of hats,” she explains. “Larger counties have a separate department to manage most of the things I do, but here, I do it all: finance, budgeting, grant writing, policy administration, long-range planning, and supervision of nine different departments.”

What does she like best about her job? “All of it!” she says. “I like to create new ways of doing things. I like the challenge and I like to help people. My background in banking gave me financial skills at the upper end, and the years in public administration have helped hone my organizational skills and human resource management.”

Hunt believes teamwork is the backbone of a good, solid organization. “The right people will do the right things and deliver the best results.


This article also appears on website for the Woman’s Club of Ouray County. Designed and maintained by Kathryn R. Burke

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