Artist: Mary Pat Ettinger

[December 2020. By Kathryn R. Burke]  Mary Pat Ettinger is a storyteller. She tells her tales with paint, words, and weavings—all  emanating from the creative inspiration that gives her work a distinctive and identifiable character. There is both softness and strength in her writings and paintings, a unique juxtaposition that comes only with years of artistic experience.

Many find her work peaceful and nostalgic. Mary Pat paints solitude and tranquility and she paints t every day. For her, making art is akin to breathing. Depending on what’s happening in her life at any given time, artistic creation is both a source of joy and a source of solace. “Life still is beautiful,” Mary Pat says. “You have to continue to be what you were created to be no matter what life throws at you.” Timely words of wisdom in this difficult time.

Learn more about this beautiful soul who creates beautiful works of art that help you find a past—and maybe a presence—you thought was lost. Read her story in San Juan Silver Stage. See Mary Pat’s work on her website,

Watch Video of MaryPat talking about her work.