Kathryn R. Burke

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Target Marketing
for Greater Visiblity and Increased Profits

There is, literally, no limit to how many people you can reach through social media marketing. Which is why you need someone who knows how to use it—how to target the right audience. Social media equals E-commerce. The formula is simple: Find the right customers, show them what you’ve got, convince them to buy it. How you do that takes a lot of experience and thorough understanding of social-economic market trends and how the different social media platforms work. Someone with the perfect combination of education and real-time on-the-job training. Who can do that for you?  That would be me!

A solid example of why I really love what I do! For this client – on an all-volunteer basis – I have created multiple social media platforms for promoting events and selling tickets, which includes paid ticket sources (like Eventbrite), Facebook Events, Newspaper online advertising, FB bulletin boards – all leading back to payment through this website that goes directly into their bank account.

This one is tricky, because of the two options, we can’t advertise the private party (liquor license restrictions), but we can provide a way for invitees to pay. It’s a fundraiser, so we need to sell the concert tickets and are using multiple social media platforms to lead customers to our purchase page.  Click here to see how I did it.