Artist: Sheryl Williams

[May 2020. By Kathryn R. Burke] Sheryl Williams is a woman of many talents. She holds a Bachelors of Music degree in music and voice from San Francisco State University, Calf., and a Masters Degree Conducting from Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. Originally from California, she has lived in Delta, Colo. since 2015 where she teaches Online Alcohol Ink at the Academy of Alcohol Ink and paints in Watercolor as well. The goal is to teach and encourage students to master the medium of Alcohol Ink to paint in both Realistic and Abstract styles. Her work is especially notable for its vibrant, sometimes almost translucent, use of color and

“My two loves are painting and teaching. It is so important to me to work with a student to help them discover the artist within them. My online courses in Alcohol Ink are so much more than demonstrations. We get to enjoy the joy of observing – from overall scenes to small details. One of my major concepts for the students is to understand values – the power of light and shadow in their paintings. I work with each student, giving constructive critiques and helping them ‘see.’”

Visit her website Sheryl Williams Art and her Facebook page, Sheryl Williams Art.