Social Media

Learn how to use Digital Technology and Social Media to improve sales performance and market your product or service.

Businesses are depending more and more on digital technology. To help keep you on top of the latest in internet marketing, we offer classes in how to use Social Media to build your business.

Introduction to Social Media
How we got here. What is Social Media and why do we use it? What’s next? Choosing and integrating different SM platforms, and deciding which one (or group) will work best for you.  [More information]

Responsive Websites
What is ‘responsive? Why do you need one, how do you design one, and what should it do for you. What is SEO? How does you website integrate with other social media and offline marketing methods. [More information]

Facebook 1. Advertising
How much does it cost? How do I ‘boost’ my post and do I really need to do that? Get the answers and learn about Facebook boosting, ad building, ad costs, and ad campaign tracking. Follow up with Facebook Advertising 2, which has much more detail. If you don’t have a FB business page, we’ll help you set one up. [More information]

What is it? How does it work? Can it work for you? Compare to Pinterest.

Not just for teenyboppers. Why is it listed number 2 on Best Technology Tools for Realtors®? (See Technology section below.) What is it for? How to you use it.

Facebook 2 FB advertising on your FB Business page.
Objectives, demographics, budget, campaign. Post & Boost, Event & Boost, or FB ad? You must have a FB Business Page for this workshop.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet. Good question. We don’t like Twitter, but we’ll explain what it is, how to use it and how NOT to use it.

Newsletters – E-blast
When to send. What to include. Defining a target audience. Integrating with website and other social media. Rules and regulations of media mail programs.

Posting. Joining Groups. Articles and longer posts. Compare to Twitter.

If you want to reach this growing market, you need to know how to communicate with it. And that means mastering Social Media.

Custom Workshops – Can be scheduled for you and your employees.

Contact me to schedule training. Cost $25/pp for groups of 5-10 registrants.  Bring your laptop and your smart phone.  Pre-registration required. Workshops are  1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Private instruction available. Contact me for an appointment. Private instruction is by the hour, one-hour minimum.