by Kate Burke

What is Facebook and how can it help you sell preoducts, services (or just yourself,  for that matter)?
Yeah, we all go into social media kicking and screaming. BUT, over 80% of businesses today use it, most all of them using Facebook. If you’re going to stay on top of your game, you need to learn how to use it..Facebook is a form of social media, and for marketing purposes, probably the most important one, because nearly 2 billion people a month use it. With any form of social media, especially Facebook, you are looking at  huge prospective audience. Your goal is to reach a targeted audience that will buy from you. (And to do it without spending a fortune—which can happen if you don’t know what you are doing.)

How do you reach them using Facebook?  Two ways—marketing and advertising. The purpose? To drive traffic to your website!

Facebook Marketing determines an overall campaign and establishes goals. Who do you want to reach? (Your target market.) How will you reach them? (Facebook ad on your Facebook Business Page.) What do you want them to do once you have their attention? (Your call to action, in this case, send them to a ‘landing page’ on our website.) Why that call to action? To get the page visitor to the website where they will complete a form with information you can use to add them to your email database).

Facebook advertising is a specific set of tools used to meet a marketing goal. Generally this would include a Facebook Business Page and Facebook Ads (usually, but not necessarily, placed on the business page). Like any other marketing tool you use, the purpose of Facebook Advertising is to generate positive activity that will fulfill your marketing goals. Facebook advertising should drive page visitors to your website where they complete a task outlined in your marketing goals.

The sole purpose of a Facebook Business Page is to drive traffic to your website! And the sole purpose of your Facebook ads is to get them to a website page where they will do something that loads them into your sales database—a captured, target market!

Learn how to do this in my Facebook Marketing Class. This is a tough topic to teach to groups of more than 10 people (class maximum), because it is hands-on and people have varying experiences with how to use Facebook for commercial purposes. We will have a helpful handout to take home, give you tips, show a video, and practice making a page and building an ad. We’ll also discuss what NOT to do in Facebook Marketing. (You need to bring a laptop. We do not build pages on a phone or a tablet. Sorry!)

We offer Facebook One and Two, the second with more detail on ad building and tracking, target marketing, costs, and more.

You may prefer one-one instruction, and I am happy to book an appointment with you or your group to do that. Even with all the hullabaloo about Facebook today, it is still the major social media marketing tool.  You may also want to know how to integrate it with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instgram, to other major social medial tools. I offer instruction in those platforms as well.

If you want to reach this growing market, you need to know how to communicate with it. And that means mastering Social Media.

Custom Workshops – Can be scheduled for you and your employees.

Contact me to schedule training. Cost $25/pp for groups of 5-10 registrants.  Bring your laptop and your smart phone.  Pre-registration required. Workshops are  1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Private instruction available. Contact me for an appointment. Private instruction is by the hour, one-hour minimum.