by Kate Burke

We HIGHLY recommend you take this class first, even if you are familiar with various Social Media platforms.

Learn about our progress from “Before PC” (before personal computers) to how we do business in our high tech world today.  Once upon a time, ‘sales’ were all about personal relationships, and deals were sealed with a handshake.  The 21st century has witnessed so many great inventions in science and technology that it is hard to believe it’s been barely 16 years since the last century began.

And communication and sales technology is advancing at an exponential rate.  According to Pew Research, 7 in 10 people now use Social Media!  If you aren’t one of them you may soon be lost!

Understanding and knowing how to use social media can make or break your business. 

What is social media?  Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time. Social networking has to do with who your audience is and the relationships you have with them.

As opposed to traditional media, like television, radio, and newspapers (which millenials and Gen-Xers don’t use at all), social media doesn’t just give you information, it interacts with you while giving you that information.

Today, people have cell phones, but selcom communicate with phone calls. Younger people don’t even have a land line. And for some, the desktop computer is a distant memory. Today, most people communicate with ‘hand-held’ devices, like a ‘Smart Phone” or tablet. They use these devices to access social media, and transfer information by tweet, text, and email.

If you want to reach this growing market, you need to know how to communicate with it. And that means mastering Social Media.

Custom Workshops – Can be scheduled for you and your employees.

Contact me to schedule training. Cost $25/pp for groups of 5-10 registrants.  Bring your laptop and your smart phone.  Pre-registration required. Workshops are  1 1/2 – 2 hours.

Private instruction available. Contact me for an appointment. Private instruction is by the hour, one-hour minimum.