Caregiver Support Group
with Art Journaling


Support Group with Art Journaling in-person group in Montrose Methodist Church, Colo., is postponed until fall of 2021.

Caregivers Group with Art Journalng

Caregiving is hard. It’s frustrating, often makes you angry, and sometimes makes you feel like you just can’t do anything right. You grieve the person who used to be– they’re there… but they’re not. Injury and illness have changed someone you care for — physically, mentally, all the time, or some of the time. Eventually, the task becomes all-consuming and it takes a heavy toll on your own physical and mental health.

You need help!  And with the pandemic, that was sometimes difficult to find. Right now, we can gather as a group, commiserate with one another, and offer suggestions. But what if (when) we go into lock down again?  Here is a plan and a system to provide yourself some self-help when group-help may not be available.

Journal it. Write it down. Draw it out. Express thoughts and feelings on paper with ink and paint. Cut out pictures and graphics and paste in your journal book.

Caregiver group meets to share experiences, offer support, and learn how journaling can help ease their journey… and even be fun!

To help you learn how to do that, and keep at it, come to our Art Journaling Support Group. You don’t need artistic experience. Just show up and share. And when the mood strikes, join us in playing with ways to get those feelings out there on paper. It’s cathartic!

Our support group combines  verbal support with self-directed art therapy in 2-hour sessions held twice monthly on Tuesday mornings. You will have an opportunity to share your own experiences and feelings with one another and also express those thoughts or issues privately in a take-home journal.

Journaling is fun and a great way to relieve stress. No art experience is necessary. I will provide tools and materials, including a FEE Journal (one per month), and sometimes I will show some videos. Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting messy or splattered with paint.

Art journals are fun to make. You can write, draw, doodle scribble, stamp, stencil, collage, cut and paste pictures, magazine articles, or any kind of material or stuff you can glue to a page! You can remove pages to work on them and stick them back in again. Sometimes you might want to rip them up, then glue them back together. Your journal is  a safe place to recall good memories and bad, discuss difficult experiences or moments of joy and excitement. Your journal is your friend!

We provide everything you need, including a journal (one a month), art supplies and tools, lots of interesting stuff to cut up and paste in your book. I keep a bag of hearts handy, too, for celebrating those good days.

Please out the form below to sign up. I need to know how much material to buy and bring to each session! Let me know if you have questions, and I’ll call you back to go over them. There is a cost, $40 per month (four hours total, plus a $10 materials fee, all of which can be paid by here by credit card, or cash or check at the door.

Region 10 can help you with the cost. Region 10 can also help provide someone to stay with person you care for while you come to the group. Just mark that on your sign-up form.

Sign up here if you have questions or need more information.
Hope to see you soon.